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Monday, April 26, 2010

A direct talk with ‘the’ brand believer...

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Nitin Mathur, Director – Marketing, Yahoo! IndiaNitin Mathur,
Director – Marketing, Yahoo! India

4Ps B&M: What are your expectations from the ‘It’s Y!ou’ campaign?
Nitin Mathur (NM): Well, this campaign is not something which has come about becasue we woke up one fine day and decided to pump-in money into branding efforts. This actually comes at a mid-point of transformation that is happening in the organisation. We looked at our core experiences and products and combining that with our consumer research, we wanted to make our products more open and more relavant for our users. It’s about trying to make the Yahoo! page the dashboard for our users. We are making our products more social. 4Ps B&M: ... Social? What does that really mean? NM: We wanted to make our experneices relevant to our customers and empower them with what they can do with the Internet and not the other way round. So we are now giving them a direct access to third-party applications as well. It’s bascially customisation. This is what the new Yahoo! is all about. Even in terms of search, we have been able to filter our search results, like Google does.

4Ps B&M: How does this campaign prove useful to Yahoo! vision and strengthening the brand Yahoo!?
Truly what we have achieved through this campaign is get one step closer to our vision, which is that we want to make sure that whenever people think about the Internet and going online, they think of Yahoo! When you look at the brand campaign’s promise, it says “It’s Y!ou”. The experience of the consumers and our new offerings therefore serve as the background to the brand campaign. The campaign is really brand marketing exercise, which helps to invigorate the brand at places where it has become rusty. So this is an investment back into the brand, so that it can deliver on more promises in the future.

4Ps B&M: And how about timing it now. Why now?
Rather than thinking of it as a point in time decision, we should think of it as a long process, which has come up as a part of overall company strategy to realign itself both internally and externally. It makes sense for us to go to the market only when we have redefined some of the consumer experiences and therefore the campaign with some new offerings. The process has been going on for nine months now. This campaign proves how brand Yahoo! is now increasingly becoming more consumer-centric.

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