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Monday, April 05, 2010


Videocon adopts a younger positioning to add glamour to its imagery and market share...

While shooting for My Name is Khan in San Francisco in July this year, Shah Rukh Khan’s security personnel got a shock of their lives when two green, flubber like characters barged into his vanity van. When the security people tried to stop them, the two characters started screaming Shah Rukh’s name and then to everyone’s horror brought out a suspicious looking object with a switch, which when turned on, emitted green laser lights.

Even as the entire cast and crew of MNIK was nonplussed, a grinning and seemingly unperturbed Shah Rukh walked out of the van. The unit soon learnt that this was actually a prank staged by him and Videocon. Then, much to the amusement of guffawing onlookers, he accepted a gift from the two amoeba-like characters. On pressing the switch installed on the gift, the new logo of Videocon flew out of the box and into the sky, blobbing impressively in the skies, above the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

This was Videocon’s unusual way to launch the consumer durable company’s new brand identity and logo. Jaideep Rathore, Chief Marketing Officer, Videocon told 4Ps B&M that the logo change was for a new identity, which could synergise with the group’s entry into new businesses like mobile phones and DTH. “We needed to change the perception of our brand. Besides, Videocon needed youth acceptability, so we opted for aspirational positioning in SEC-A market.”

Rathore, in fact, sums up a problem that the group has been facing for some time now. Once a happy-go-lucky consumer durables company, Videocon has added telecom services, DTH services and a separate handset business under its brand umbrella. While the previous positioning – The Indian Multinational – was enough to take on Videocon’s Korean multinat rivals (LG, Samsung) in the durables space; the new businesses under the brand needed something more diverse and relevant. Besides, even in the durables space, LG and Samsung were clear winners in terms of sales, market share and revenues. So, the slowdown indeed came as a perfect opportunity for Videocon to effect an image change among its target audience. After all, since every other brand was cutting back on its marketing spends, chances were that the consumer would sit up and note any big-budget re-positioning taking place, in an otherwise dry market. And hence, Videocon bid adieu to its sturdy steel coloured ‘V’ logo in times of slowdown and adopted a more fluid, lava like ‘V’ coupled with a new proposition – ‘Experience change’. Ad man Prasoon Joshi of McCann, along with Vineet Mahajan, Senior Creative Director, McCann, led the team from T.A.G., McCann Worldgroup’s second agency, to devise a 360-degree campaign revolving around the brand building exercise. “The idea behind the campaign was to make it more contemporary. This brings in a sense of movement of energy,” says Joshi.

“We chose green as our new logo colour as it is the colour of the future. The logo has been broken into two parts to dramatise and add more liveliness to it. The new brand identity is futuristic and philosophical in approach and has re-energised the brand,” adds Joshi. Even the launch planning of the new campaign at IIFA Awards 09’ was a masterstroke, as the hyped event saw to it that the change grabbed instant eyeballs.

A static brand is an oxymoron in itself and Videocon knows that. From ‘Bring Home the Leader’ to the ‘New Improved Life’, from ‘The Indian Multinational’, to the ‘Eco Logic for sustainable life’, Videocon has changed time and again to connect and reconnect with consumers. Now they are again trying to regain lost paradise. Will things change?

Vareen Ray & Neha Saraiya

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Source : IIPM Editorial, 2010.

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