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Friday, May 26, 2006

IIPM :> Wipro’s IT services and product offerings


POWERED BY IIPMAs evidence of how brilliant the culture of competent dynamism is within Wipro, the ventures discussed above currently make up just about 8.5% of Wipro’s revenues, and 6% of its profi ts (before taxes). The rest of its revenue & profits come from Wipro’s IT services and product offerings. For a company which used to sell oil, currently Wipro is renowned as a world-class soft ware solutions provider, a business which started unsuccessfully with its word sheet processing package. Apart from a world class consulting team, Wipro India has successfully leveraged its alliances with different partners. While most Indian companies had a tendency to tap the high margin consulting market, Wipro has strived to provide end to end consulting solutions. A major step was the acquisition of Spectramind to create Wipro Spectramind in 2003. Now rechristened Wipro BPO, this company is one of the leading Indian BPO companies, providing CRM, back office transaction processing and industry specific solutions. Kaavya’s Opal might be down, but Premji’s Wipro has seriously got a life!...

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Source :- IIPM Editorial, 2006

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