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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Delhi Police arrested Anna Hazare: India Against Corruption

Management Guru Arindam Chaudhuri Dean Business School IIPM

Anna Hazare courted arrest after being detained by Delhi Police at his residence in Mayur Vihar ahead of his indefinite fast on Tuesday.

Senior officers of Delhi Police reached Anna Hazare'sIndia Against Corruption: Anna Hazare arrested flat early in the morning and informed him that he could not leave his home. However, Hazare turned down the request following which he was detained.

"We have detained him as he did not budge from his position of defying prohibitory orders," police official said.

Anna in his addresses to the nation before his arrest asked his supporters not to stop the agitation. He urged the protesters to remain peaceful.

He added: "I appeal to you that let there be no violence in this movement. I also appeal to you, young and old alike, to give eight days of your life to the nation - if necessary for a jail bharo andolan."

Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi and Manish Sisodia were also taken into preventive custody by the Delhi Police.

"This is exactly what happened during emergency. Emergency has revisited the country. This detention is unconstitutional and undemocratic," said Kiran Bedi while courting arrest at Raj Ghat.

According to sources, Anna is being taken to Officers' mess, Civil Lines in Delhi.

Ahead of the proposed fast by the Gandhian, a group of people had thronged the east Delhi apartment where Hazare was staying to pledge their support to his protest.

Security personnel, including some in plain clothes and some from the special branch, were deployed around the apartment premise.

Around 500 police personnel have been deployed from early morning itself after the city police imposed Section 144 around the park, police sources said.

Late Monday, at least 50 supporters of Anna Hazare were detained at Jai Prakash Narain Park, the venue of the anti-graft crusader's planned fast, for defying prohibitory orders clamped in the area.

The supporters of the Gandhian were taken in a police bus to a nearby police station, police said.

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preeti said...

It is Shameful that Govt not allow Anna to protest against corruption. Now PM also become a Congress politician. By arresting Anna,Bedi,Kejariwal & many activist govt. proved that they are against democracy. All indian have to support Anna. Jai Hind
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preeti said...

Anna Hazare is all set for a full blown confrontation with the government on the Lokpal bill, giving a call to his supporters to fill up jails across the country if he is arrested on Tuesday after being denied permission to hold fast in Delhi and prohibitory orders clamped.

preeti said...

He said once he is arrested, people should fill up the jails in every village across the country. "Going to jail for the country is no crime...It is a decoration," he said.

ANUP KUMAR said...

You must analysis that who is against Anna Sahib? Politicians, bureaucrats, and businessmen who are deeply indulge in corruption.
Corruption done by few channelise the money to those few only and the sufferer are country and masses.
The surprise is that the Mr. Clean is playing in their hands but donot know the reason for it.He has become a puppet to Sonia, Sibal, Chidambram. Govt may inflict any tyrant measures but movement will continue.

ANUP KUMAR said...

Anna is really goin too much.....there are no benefits by the way he is goin.....nothing is gonna really change.....its too difficult to change and remove corruption in India and Anna surely cant do it...The politicans have arrested him so as not to create any disrest in India.......

pramod singh kandasi said...

Anna hazare ji ne jo muhim corruption ke khilaff uthayi hai. Main usko spot karta hoon. Aur main hin nahin pura india anna hazare ji ko spot karta hai. Bandematram, Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

simran said...

The Government has put a condition that,25 crore people have to supporty jan lokpal.

harvinder said...

Anna Hazare courted arrest after being detained by Delhi Police at his residence in Mayur Vihar ahead of his indefinite fast on Tuesday.

Mukesh said...

We Indian are so innocent this is what "Govt." wanted shift of focus from corruption in focus to something else. In this case it was anna. I know anna is fighting for corruption, but it is not the right way. What happens if the billls is passed????? Will it guarantee stop of corruption?

Brijesh Chaudhuri said...

Anna Hazare is brilliant Leader of corruption against of India Govt. He is donging Satyagrah for us. We should Stand with Anna against Corruption without fear. and every Indian should lock the Door of their houses and march with Anna!!!

Brijesh Chaudhuri said...

Democracy is for the people by the people of the people not for the politicians by the politicians of the politicians. So the politicians must ….must act as per the people demand. And our demand is anna’s lokpal

mohit said...

I support Anna Hazare.
bcoz he fight against corruption...