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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Anna Hazare Jan Lokpak Bill Vs Government Lokpal Bill

Given below is a comparison of the provisions of the Lokpal Bill as proposed by the Union government and civil society organisations.

Prime Minister's Office

Govt: Complete exemption of PM

Team Anna: PM can be investigated with permission of seven member Lokpal bench.


Govt: Include MPs but exclude their conduct in Parliament (their powers to speak and vote)

Team Anna: MPs' conduct in Parliament should be included


Govt: Exempt judiciary; to include it in judicial accountability bill

Team Anna: Include higher judiciary within the Lokpal

Lower bureaucracy

Govt: Included only group `A' officials (officials of the rank of deputy secretary and above)

Team Anna: Wants all government employees included

Merger with CBI and CVC

Govt: Wants to keep them separate, only a 11-member agency

Team Anna: Wants CBI and CVC merged with the Lokpal


Govt: Wants to set up a selection committee including PM, leaders of both Houses of Parliament, leaders of Opposition of both Houses, Speaker, cabinet secretariat, two SC judges

Team Anna: Proposes setting up of a search committee of five judges that would shortlist names to be sent to the selection committee. The selection committee would include two SC judges, two HC judges, PM, home minister, CEC and CAG


Govt: Only government can move a petition to the court to remove the Lokpal

Team Anna: Any citizen can move the court

Lokayuktas in states

Govt: State governments opposed to Lokayuktas so only one agency will function at the Centre

Team Anna: Lokpal at the Centre and Lokayuktas in states should function, also district officials

Grievance redressal

Govt: Disciplinary action will be taken if deadlines on citizens' charter are not met

Team Anna: Monetary fines should be levied for violating deadlines on citizens' charter

Inquiry process

Govt: Accused should get a hearing before the Lokpal registers a FIR

Team Anna: Court should hear the accused after the case has been filed


Govt: Only high level corruption will be looked at

Team Anna: All corruption should be tackled

Jan Lokpal Bill

*The Lokayukta can only impose financial penalties for complaints found to be false.

*There is no such bar on the Lokpal's powers.

*The Lokpal will have to complete its investigation within one year & the subsequent trail will have to over in another year.

*Loss caused to government due to corruption will be recovered from all those proved guilty.

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