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Thursday, March 15, 2007

The SEI requires an exhaustive assessment of 18 process areas and 316 practices of the company to make eligible for CMM...

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What is Capability Maturity Model (CMM)?

This model has been developed by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), to help organisations improve their software development processes. CMM certifi cation is based on the maturity of the following broad parameters – Software Process, Software Process Capability, Software Process Performance and Software Process Maturity

The Five Levels of CMM

Level I:
Initial – At this level an organisation’s processes are less defi ned, and characterised by start-up or small-sized IT organisations. Here, the processes are reactive and ad-hoc in nature.

Level II: Repeatable – This level is characterized by prototyping of experiences, yet software processes not being in place. Here, with more experience, the process for defining software processes gets initialised and work takes a more disciplined form.

Level III: Defined – As the name suggests, management and software engineering processes are documented and standardised. Roles for supervision of these processes are also assigned here. Here, the software process capability is defi ned and standardised.

Level IV: Managed – Having standardized processes at the earlier level, quantitative metrics for measuring and assessing the productivity and quality are constructed and established for both software engineering processes and management processes. This is to in a long run highlight a prove track record of consistent quality performance.

Level V: Optimized – This level is characterised by the focus of management shifting from maintaining standards towards continuous process improvement. This would be a result of innovations, new methods, creative work processes etc., Focusing on decreased cycle time of production, zero defects, maximizing productivity, et al, would be some ideal examples characterising this level.

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