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Thursday, September 08, 2011

B-Schools now offer a much wider range of courses, which facilitate career specialisation right from the first step

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Academic options and corporate futures

The path to a focused management career is a much easier one to tread these days. With B-Schools increasingly providing industry-specific courses at the degree and post-graduate diploma level, students can now look at such a specialisation right from day one of their management education.

This also enables them to make the transition from the halls of academia to the conference rooms in their preferred industry organisation that much sooner. Unlike the past, there is no need to first do a general course, start working and then do a specialised course side-by-side.

As each new career opportunity presents itself, B-Schools have come up with relevant courses that not only help in bridging the manpower gap, but also actually offer a curriculum that meets industry needs beyond just the basic recruitment criteria.

There are courses in spheres like Services Management, Pharmaceuticals Management, Capital Markets, Actuarial Science, Technology and Retail Management, Wealth Management, Global Mergers and Acquisitions, Foreign Trade Policy and Derivatives, which enable the management aspirants to take advantage of emerging opportunities. With such a vast range of options on offer from BSchools - and this is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak - the future of management students seems very bright indeed.

The most important thing is that industry and academia have not only managed to shrug off the past but are also working together to build a better future for students. The course curriculum and internships are being designed to mirror the real corporate world as much as possible and healthy ties with the corporate world to ensure students have exposure to current trends and challenges, in light of emerging career opportunities Initiatives such as live projects, summer internships, real life case studies, guest lectures by industry professionals, seminars, workshops and industrial visits enable management institute to provide essential practical exposure to the students. Establishing industry partnerships in conventional as well as sunrise sectors enables candidates to work on short-term and long-term projects.

B-Schools in India are increasingly benchmarking themselves and their courses against the best in the world. There is a rising emphasis on management education in the current scenario, with a minimum level of management courses has become essential for employment and/or career growth in most fields given the extremely competitive workplace environment. Interestingly, instead of being complacent, most B-Schools are upping the ante by benchmarking themselves against the best in India, followed by Asia and finally the world.

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