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Monday, October 25, 2010

IIPM Prof Rajita Chaudhuri: The New Age Woman

Prof Rajita Chaudhuri's Latest Article: THE ART OF GIVING

Rajita Chaudhuri

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Prof. Rajita is the wife of acclaimed economist, entrepreneur, and management guru Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri (Honorary Dean of IIPM).

Prof. Rajita Chaudhuri is the Dean Center for Enterprise Management (3 years integrated course in Planning and Entrepreneurship) at The Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM), New Delhi. Prof. Rajita teaches Executive Communication to the Undergraduate students of IIPM. She is also a regular and well acclaimed columnist of 4P’s Business and Marketing magazine. 4Ps is India's no.1 Business and Marketing magazine. It examines global issues with an Indian lens, ranging from an analysis of advertising campaigns to emerging trends and practices in Marketing and Advertising. She has been regularly covered my newspapers like TOI, HT, Mail Today, Dispatch and India Today over the years. Prof. Rajita, been involved with various training and development activities of the institute and has conducted workshops for big and well established industrial houses across India. Her expertise lies in expert knowledge in marketing strategy, business professionalism and the essence of team building in achieving the required effectiveness. Her workshops are commonly represented by senior executives from well known corporations.

Prof. Rajita Chaudhuri has trained over ten thousand senior executives and professionals and has helped organizations create efficiencies in enhancing proficiency in business execution and operations. Prof Chaudhuri has also written a book on Advertising titled “Orangutan as your Brand ambassadors”. She has extensively consulted companies in India and abroad on various Branding and Marketing issues and has also conducted a number of management development programmes for both the corporates and the students.

Prof. Rajita Chaudhuri is indeed a woman having multifaceted personality and has varied interests in diverse fields ranging from Marketing, Advertising to Current Affairs....

Student 2009-12 / UGP / SS / 1st Semester say about Prof. Rajita Chaudhur that she is:
  1. Very motivating
  2. Very good in behaviour and good faculty
  3. Very co-operative
  4. Very encouraging and co-operative
  5. Ma’am is too helpful
  6. Very improvising always. Very free and friendly with the students
  7. Excellent in way of teaching
  8. Made me feel confident while speaking
  9. Extra ordinary
  10. Awesome teacher
  11. Excellent in improving communication skills by giving varied topics
  12. Takes care of each and every student
  13. Improved my body language and confidence. She treats every child with same delicacy
  14. Awesome teacher with great fun lectures
  15. Understands her students very well & helps a lot
  16. Taught us very nicely otherwise the teacher at that position show lots of attitude.
  17. She is a nice person and teaches well.
  18. She is a great professor, I absolutely thank her for improving my skills over ex-comm.
  19. Very talented and helpful
  20. Teaches very well and along with that they are very friendly too.
  21. Very good way of teaching
  22. Awesome teacher.
  23. Awesome interaction by ma’am with students and sometimes her speech gives us lots of goose bumps.
  24. Ma’am truly changed the way I speak, walk.
  25. Best teacher I have ever came across
  26. Excellent teaching style
  27. Has a very positive attitude which helps students to take motivation.

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Pankul Gupta said...

Hey Rajita

Well I frequently read 4Ps. One thing I like the most in it is yr editorial piece of writing. What an energy u infuse in it. Yr examples are legendary. Its been motivating to read u. U r in simple words "Brilliant"!!!

Kp Going. Even your article (LEAD LIKE A CRAZY ROCK STAR) is terrific.

Kp writing

Shiv said...

Rajita Chaudhuri can say yes to anything she want -- and, more importantly, no to anything that sounds too good to be true. her willpower is legendary, but when it's backed up by energy like this, she is unstoppable!

Sonia said...

Nice article

Rajita chaudhuri is really a New Age Woman.

Varun said...

Rajita maam taught us very nicely otherwise the teacher at that position show lots of attitude.