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Thursday, October 16, 2008



Still on the fast lane

HeE. SREEDHARAN has achieved several benchmarks and has several feathers in his crowns. But such recognitions can never be enough to describe this man whose vision is limitless. We are talking about the seventy-one years young Metro Man – E. Sreedharan. He changed the face of Delhi by giving it a high tech touch of metro but what many of us today don’t remember is the hurdles that he has to face at that point of time from the so called social care takers. Palpable from his earlier performance, nothing can bog down this buoyant man and hats off to his dare-devil attitude, Delhi has its Metro today. “He’s a man whose contributions have always been overshadowed. I being in the retail & real estate industry know that whenever he chalked out a metro expansion plan, he came out with an optimum solution of not disturbing existing infrastructure,” feels Lalit Kumar, CEO & Director of Ebony Retail.

It’s not Lalit Kumar alone, several others of his ilk, who know Sreedharan agrees that he is a man of action and modest enough to create a project that benefits all. Bucked up with such a mission he want’s to do more for the Indian masses. Well, his track records says that no chains can arrest his dreams.

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Source : IIPM Editorial, 2008

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