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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Cauldrons of corruption (IIPM Publication)

As for the election itself, Laloo has adopted a three-pronged approach – blame the Election Commission for its “partisanship”, open himself up to the rank and file of his party, and accuse Ram Bilas Paswan’s Loktantrik Janata Party (LJP) of conniving with communal forces to keep the RJD out of power.
But all these measures are unlikely to fetch the 55 odd seats that the RJD needs, in addition to the 75 that it secured in the last election to return to power in Bihar. This is because his campaign till now is largely negative. Unless he can convince the Bihar voter that he has turned over a new leaf, and sincerely intends to provide an efficient and corruption free administration in the state, the chances of the RJD returning to power within the State remain slim. Ah, but then how naive we are? Since when has Bihar looked beyond guns, vote rigging and booth capturing towards real issues?

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