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Friday, June 29, 2012

'I learnt a lot from Dhoni': Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is one of the India's most explosive and most well dressed member of Indian cricket team. During a recent function of the brand that he is endorsing, TSI Correspondent Prakriti Raj had a converstaion with one of the most stylish cricketer in Indian history, here are the excerpts:

Virat, you are the brand ambassador of Sangam Suitings, why did you choose to endorse this brand?

I like the fabric that is used by this clothing line and I also like the punch line of the brand which is 'You wear what you are', I can relate with it. I wear what I like to wear and what I want to and after analysing all these things I thought that I should endorse this brand.

How was your experience while working with Sunil Shetty?

Oh, it was great fun to work with Sunil Shetty, we had great fun while working on the sets.

Since you are endorsing Sangam suitings, whom would you like to give a makeover in your team?

I think everybody in my team is stylish in their own way and I don't think anybody needs a makeover. Everybody is fit and know how to carry themselves nicely. I can't think of any names as such.

Who is the style icon according to you?

I think Zaheer Khan will fit that bill.

And who is the best dressed?

That would be Sachin Tendulkar.

You have played all the formats of cricket matches, Test match, one day and 20-20 as well. Which one of them is your favourite?

My favourite would be test match format beacuse there you actually get a chance to showcase your talent. Now I know that why do seniors like to play test match. I didn't used to get that point earlier but now that I play the game I can relate to it.

Dhoni is the current captain, while Gambhir's name is also taking the rounds for the same, what do you want to say about that?

What should I say about this, I mean it is not my take and it depends solely on the selection committee.

Who is the better captain-Dhoni or Gambhir?

I don't want to select any one of them buit Dhoni has brought Indian cricket to a very high pedestal and has been quite a successful captain. Under his captaincy Indian cricket team has achieved some magnificent feats.

What have you learnt from Dhoni?

I have learnt a lot from Dhoni. He never over reacts in any situation. He is always calm and is never aggressive. I am learning all that from him.

Have you talked with Yuvraj Singh?

Yes, I have talked with him and I do talk with him on a regular basis. He has always been very supportive. He is one person who is always happy for everybody. I pray for him to get healthy soon, so that he can return to team.

Since you have learnt a lot from Dhoni, do you follow him while choosing brands?

I think what brand one wants to choose is his personal discretion. You choose a brand that goes with your personality. In that matter I don't follow him.

Are you planning to get married any time soon?

No, there are no marriage plans as of yet.

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