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Saturday, October 04, 2008

The ones who’ll make it...


Battle-scarred veterans talk to aakriti bhardwaj and kanika dhupar about the youngsters who’ll be the standard bearers for the nation in the next 25 years

Ishant SharmaNikhil Chopra on Ishant Sharma
“It has to be Ishant Sharma! He’s young, energetic and one of the quickest bowlers in India. He’s somebody with his head on his shoulders and is one of the players who will serve the country for a long period of time. He’s only 19 years old, has little experience and still has performed very well internationally. He handles the pressure well and is always looking to improve his performance. This kind of determination from a 19-year-old kid is commendable.”

Anita NairRuskin Bond on Anita Nair
“Amongst the many new writers, I think Anita Nair is going to make it big. She’s original, and is always looking to do things in a different way. Above all, she writes really well, and has a unique style that makes her different from all the rest. She has immense potential, but I would like to believe that her best is yet to come. So far, her novel Ladies Coupe is my favourite.”

Neil Nitin MukeshSudhir Mishra on Neil Nitin Mukesh
“A lot of new talent is coming up. Neil Nitin Mukesh is someone I think will go very far. There is a rare quality about him, an endearing vulnerability about him. Apart from the fact that he is very attractive to look at, on the screen there is a very appealing softer quality about him. And of course, he is a very good actor. To be a star in these times, all of these things have to come together. Since Neil partly comes from the film industry, he will be guided right. I think he would make a versatile actor, and as he grows, he should choose the right films and work with the right directors from the beginning of his career. As he has only done a realistic film so far, many of his abilities have not yet been showcased. He is a very good dancer as well. I think he has really good potential for the Indian screen.”

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Source : IIPM Editorial, 2008

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