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Monday, May 19, 2008


IIPM - Admission Procedure

The following points are the prime criterion for selecting, short-listing and ranking the winning ads in this section:
• Product positioning clarity
• Clinching benefit to the brand
• Presence of a power idea
• Visibility of brand personality
• Expectancy of communication
• Single-minded focus of message
• Reward to the prospect
• Visually arresting
• Painstaking craftsmanship
Here’s the 4Ps B&M verdict for the fortnight ended June 4, 2007. First come the print ads, then the TVCs. Ready for a piece of action?

HEADLINE : We understand that no two businesses are alike
BASELINE : The world’s local bank
AGENCY : Contract Advertising
4Ps TAKE : Wow! So HSBC : We understand that no two businesses are alikesimple, yet so striking. All of us know that diverse kinds of business structures exist, but HSBC has beautifully used this fact to take forward its theme of customised treatment for its customers. The pictorial comparison of two different types of business families at once puts across the point. If the last campaign had a young girl with her new torn jeans and her matronly mother as protagonist; this time there are two sets of ‘Board of Directors’ rooted in two separate management styles: one that of a familyowned business and the other of a professional corporate structure. The theme easily brings out the single-minded focus, which is to promote HSBCs commercial banking that serves ‘all kinds’ of customers. The visual blends well with the theme and communication is bang on. The body copy explains the process of selecting practical banking solutions for customers, once the bank gains a thorough understanding of them. Overall, another great one from HSBC, which claims to be the world’s local bank!

BRAND : Incredible! India
HEADLINE : Ever met the talking murals?.....come alive.
4Ps TAKE : Guess, Incredible! India : Ever met the talking murals?.....come alivebringing out great campaigns has become more of a habit than a task for the Incredible India guys. It’s Goa that the Incredible India team has zeroed in on this time as it swoops down on the sun, sea and sands of Goa. If you thought that this delightful destination is only about lovely beaches, rocking parties, colourful carnivals, flea markets and cheap port wines then you are sadly mistaken. Incredible India has taken upon itself to promote the heritage-laden churches of Goa that are attracting religious tourists from all over. The visual comprising Basilica of Bom Jesus is superb and attractive, while the power idea – to promote this state and its churches is brought out well. Above all, it’s the communication that sounds very inviting: talking about the blend of Indian with European art, and the visual conveying the architectural marvel complete with carved woodwork and realistic murals. Wonder how they manage to bring out unknown facets of India, campaign after campaign with such ease that both invite and amaze. Yeh dil maange more...!

HEADLINE : When you travel, one is more powerful than ten
AGENCY : Dentsu Marcom
BASELINE : The card that travels
4Ps TAKE : When ICICI : When you travel, one is more powerful than tenyou have great offers at hand, it only makes great sense to combine them with powerful campaigns. And this one’s just that! It promotes ICICI’s Thomas Cook Titanium MasterCard by promising to ease the burden of their consumers while travelling abroad. The message is loud and clear – the ad introduces the card and lists its various USPs (it can be used at any airline, hotel and establishment) along with the offers that come with it. The body copy signs off in style – it pays to travel light. The red background is attractive and the lead visual of a wallet with only the card in it, is expressive. The headline is powerful and conveys the message with clarity. The ad scores high on bringing out the brand personality of ICICI bank as it promises that one can easily do away with all other forms payment. Powerful, in the truest sense!

BRAND : NIIT Imperia
HEADLINE : You are not the boss…..without you.
BASELINE : Give your signature more weight
AGENCY : Contract Advertising
4Ps TAKE : What NIIT Imperia : You are not the boss…..without youstrikes first in this rather simple looking ad is not the visual or the brand but lines written in white and bold – You are not the boss. And yet, the meeting doesn’t start without you! This time it’s the working professionals that NIIT is attracting, encouraging them to get another degree, and ‘add more weight to your signature’. The campaign scores on the sheer power of the headline that compels one to read on. The power idea to entice working professional with the promise of empowering them, is brought out well. The body copy is informative and lists the benefits of this management course. And the USP is revealed subtly – A certificate from IIM. Well, any ordinary ad would have raved and ranted on this very aspect but not this one. The ad is detailed but not cluttered. We’d say – an ad that matches the standards of those whom it aims to attract.

BRAND : Canon
HEADLINE : Sleek zindabad… Technology zindabad
BASELINE : Delighting you always
AGENCY : Dentsu Marcom
4Ps TAKE : First of all, Canon : Sleek zindabad… Technology zindabadthank you Canon for showing us the funkier side of Sachin. It was only in the last issue that we had Olympus harping on its digital technology and this time we have Canon boasting about its sleek body and multi-faceted detection technology and that’s the reward to the prospect. The visual with Sachin Tendulkar in his cool-dude avatar hogs the limelight, while the hip guys n’ gals just fill the background. The headline – Sleek Zindabad... Technology Zindabad not only up the youthful appeal of the ad but also reinforces the USPs of the product. The body copy informs about the various features of the product. The ad really stands out on one aspect – it gives a very Indian touch and funky feel to a technology brand that has its roots in Japan. Sachin Zindabad!

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Source :
IIPM Editorial, 2008

IIPM and Professor Arindam Chaudhuri (Renowned Management Guru and Economist) Initiative

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