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Thursday, March 24, 2011


IIPM BBA MBA Institute: Student Notice Board

Few issue back, I myself wrote an edit on how the revolution was happening in Egypt and how the civilisation was changing elsewhere in the Arab world... So when a few days later we got this article - from my icon Fidel Castro - it was a tough decision to run it instantly. We feared people would think it’s the opposite of what I wrote. We didn't discard it but thought we would carry it in the next issue with a note... And then the Japanese disaster took place and this went on the back burner. I would have wanted this to be the cover story this issue but for the fact that Dr Binayak Sen’s Supreme Court hearing is coming close and, after all, we are more committed to India than to any other part of the world. However, whats happening in Libya makes my blood boil. Col Muammar Gaddafi is that man who, 40 years back, made the OPEC and in one go made the western world pay the right price for oil and made Arab nations rich. He is that way an icon by himself for the developing world. That one stroke which hit the West so hard is something they haven’t been able to digest yet. And therefore, the moment they got a chance, they have started bombing Libya and, for a change, India has rightly shown true courage in strongly condemning the attack. Sarkozy, on the other hand, has totally lost it at home and found this a lovely way to divert attention and act smart. But the most disgusting part is the final revelation that Obama, the ludicrous Nobel Peace Prize winner, is no different from Bush. Shame on what the greedy West is doing. The real rogue nations like Pakistan and conspiring nation like Saudi Arabia remain friends of the West while they ruthlessly bomb the oilproducing nations for their personal benefit. The saddest part, however, is that oil was USD 40 a barrel before the Iraq war and following the war, it touched the hundred plus mark. Now with the pounding of Libya, it will end up touching a hundred and fifty plus. And the West seems to not have learnt its lessons from Afghanistan. You can't win a war in such lands through air strikes... And in Libya again they will lose it. I will only end by saying that it’s time for a grand alliance of India, China and Russia to neutralise these imperialistic forces from creating more destruction in this world for greed. I hope the article of Fidel Castro, the greatest living revolutionary, throws more light on this matter.

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