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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


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Dr Singh's charisma? It's a dilemma
Any expectations from Obama's upcoming India visit?

The talk on India's potential to be a global power is not new. The world is realising and recognising it very fast. The same is being expected from the US too, especially after Barack Obama's coming to power. However, it has been a thorough disappointment for the last 18 months. But, the long wait seems to be over. US president Barack Obama's upcoming India visit, scheduled in the second week of November this year, is one of the most discussed news items doing rounds in both India and the US media. So far, ambiguity surrounded Obama's India policy, that only deepened when the US president concluded his Asia visit without visiting India. Even though countries like Singapore, Indonesia and China were on his itinerary, he somehow ignored India. Many foreign affairs experts in India felt it was insulting. However, things are taking a favourable turn now and the two nations are moving towards strong relationship. US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's efforts do deserve a mention in this regard, as she welcomed a high level Indian delegation and made them meet President Obama. And it became clearly visible when Obama expressed his desire to 'strengthen ties with India' as one of his administration's most important goals. He said at a reception at the State Department hosted by Hillary Clinton, "Our relations with India are at the highest of priorities for my Administration and for me personally as President of the US". He further called India "a responsible global power." And the US President had enough reasons and logic to support his comments, as he said, ''It's a rising power and a responsible global power. That's why I firmly believe that the relationship between the US and India will be a defining partnership in the 21st century." These have become signature tunes. Officials, diplomats and media fraternity in the US and India are going ga-ga over Obama's upcoming India visit.

American Presidents' visits to India have always been historic for both the nations. The relationship has just strengthened with time and with India's emergence in the global diplomatic arena. The first ever visit by an American President was that of Dwight D. Eisenhower, who was then perceived as an emissary of peace by Indian intellectuals. The trips were followed by Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter who delivered a stirring speech in Parliament on democracy. Later, while Bill Clinton's visit was more of a holiday trip at the end of his second term, Bush succeeded to create a mixed impression during his visit.

History has changed since then and Obama isn't Bush. However, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh seems to be very lucky to welcome two consecutive Presidents of the US. But till now, the nation did not achieve much out of it. Can he do something now? The most striking agendas to be discussed is India's permanent membership in the UNSC, Kashmir issue, tie on trade and tackling terrorism.

Individual camaraderie will prove to be the pivot around which our PM can present a changed India to Obama. But can Dr Singh do it?

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