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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sex education

16 going on Sex-teen

Exclusive Survey: Sex and the city

Sexual abuse rampant in schools
The game of power equation has enveloped girl children in schools. Increasing violence including aggressive sexual behaviour, intimidation, assault, sexual advances by teachers, corporal punishments and verbal abuse are more becoming a norm rather than an exception in schools. Studies show that even in so-called ‘women-friendly’ states like Punjab, around 39% women have experienced some kind of sexual harassment and a pitiably huge 15% of Secondary school girls have been sexually abused. These incidents get worse in government schools, where currently 58% of schools (out of 800,000) don’t even have any toilet facilities for either sex. Well, it’s of little comfort then that the most dreaded spots of these horror acts have mostly been near the toilets (and empty classroom and even corridors). There have been rampant reports of rape, molestation and even corporal punishment to girl students, from almost all the states of the country. So who is to be blamed? Clearly, a combination of our policing & judiciary that has criminally ensured that rather than painfully fighting a case for years in courts, women simply remain... painfully quiet!

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