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Monday, January 16, 2012


Management Guru Arindam Chaudhuri Dean Business School IIPM

'BALANCE' is all it takes to live a life worth living and give meaning to it. Keeping this credo in mind, IIPM put together an interactive and resourceful event together for the Management graduates. The event started on 11th November with early morning prayers at Bangla Sahib. A steamy cup of tea with a newspaper ( a pink one this time!) marked the beginning of the session. The students learnt some quick and unique ways on how to flip through business news on a daily basis. Mr. Anuj then presented the students with an entirely new perspective on how to use the library. He also had an in-depth discussion while giving valuable tips for enhancing reading skills, a skill he believes one should maintain life long.

The back to back activities left the students famished. The students then shared a meal together while Prof. Gita Negi provided some 'food for thought' on maintaining work life balance. This was followed by a session by Prof. Anirudh Sharma on what it takes to be successful at work and especially on the ideal approach to the campus placements. He maintained that Passion, along with necessary skills and a great attire are eminent to secure a position in one's dream company. Anuridh Sir maintained an informal and innovative demeanor to help the students understand the nuances of placements. He made them realize the importance of a clear cut self-evaluation before putting a foot into the interview room. It takes consistent efforts and an open mind to develop the 'GUT'. Prof. Ranjan Paul, conducted an elaborative session based on Jack Welch's Bestselling Book 'Straight from the Gur.' He explained the key factors in the book so well that students got the most 9n-depth understanding on Jack Welch's reign at GE and his work ethics. Prof. Paul followed a step by step approach to unravel the overall message to the students. The next session was facilitated by Prof. Joydip Dutta Gupta, Dean Academics-IIPM New Delhi. He revealed to the students his fun-loving and casual dimension while conducting the session on the 'Lessons for Life.' Explaining life as it unfolds in years to come and what should be the students' subsequent approach to follow, Prof. Joydip Dutta left an indelible mark on the minds of the students. He really helped students connect with life through this wonderful session.

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