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Monday, March 15, 2010

“I miss the M from MTV...”

Cyrus Oshidar, who nurtured MTV for over a decade, reminisces the old days.

I still remember the early days at MTV. The days when I use to work on the wooden table hired from the chor bazaar of Mumbai, which was Bombay in those times. Those were the days when we were trying to bring the local flavour to MTV. And in that process we aired songs like Jawaani Diwani. “Oh my God! It’s so down market” is how the channel’s management reacted at first. I didn’t really think I had a job after that but luckily the audience really loved the channel in its new avataar and we never looked back after that. In those days, everything about the channel was small be it TRPs, budgets or show formats. Cheap and cheerful was the core mantra at that time and shows like Bakra, Filmi Funda, Fully Faltoo, One tight slap became the soul of the channel. It was all about being raw and edgy. We didn’t even bothered about ratings in those days but slowly things started changing. Music was dead on television and so M from MTV died. But that was the need of the hour. Since music was no more the exclusivity, we had to explore new terrains. In all that madness, we even tried fiction. That was a blunder. And then Roadies happened! I brought the show to the channel but slowly I started missing the soul of MTV and that’s when I decided to call it quits. I feel that in the last three years everything on the channel has become big: be it ratings, budgets or the show formats. That is absolutely the right direction and that’s what the global trend has been. But personally, I miss the old DNA of music and masti. That’s why I have not watched the channel for a long time but that probably shows that they are on the right track. After all I am 45 years old. I am not their target audience!

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