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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Obama another bush: Of nose cuts and shame

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Obama’s war on Libya sans US Congress' approval is opening new doors of controversies

It's raining trouble for Obama and his administration. This time the reason being Barack Obama declaring Libya a no-fly-zone and allowing military intervention to free the country from the 'dictatorship' of Muammar Gaddafi.

And hereBarack Obama is the twist: All these have been done without the approval of the US Congress which has consequently invited immense discontentment and dissatisfaction from Republicans as well as Democrats.

Apparently, any action taken by the American President, which might have a nationwide implication, cannot be taken without the knowledge of the US Congress. According to the US Constitution, the President is required to seek approval from the Congress before waging war against any foreign regime. Ron Paul, a Republican Congressman, sharply criticised Obama’s act, commenting that “the no-fly-zone over Libya is an act of war, and it needs approval from Congress.” Even Democrat Congressmen like Dennis Kucinich called Obama's move “impeachable.” So much so that a group of Liberal Democrats – Donna Edwards from Maryland, Jerrold Nadler from New York, Barbara Lee from California among others – have questioned “the Constitutionality of President’s actions.” The discontentment is rising with every additional American troop or fighter aircraft being sent to the Libyan mission.

Republican Senator Richard Lugar has raised high doubts on “US interests being served by Barack Obama’s actions.” From the economical point of view, this act on Libya would only cost the US further, which already suffers an extremely high fiscal deficit. The Iraq and Afghanistan costs are also far from over. This would also strengthen anti-American sentiment and protests on the Arab streets. With NATO announcing that the tentative duration of the no-fly-zone could be three months, further possibilities of civilian deaths and demolition of existing infrastructure loom large, which would cost the world massively again after the operation is over.

A recent CNN public poll revealed that seven out of ten Americans have supported US military action on Libya. But it is also true that three American cities have already gone to streets to protest... and there are predictions that more will soon follow. Strangely, Obama's recent acts do not differentiate him much from former American President George Bush – except that Bush was cunning enough to justify his actions more eloquently. Also, Bush had garnered criticism for much of his action post the Iraq 'victory', while Barack Obama is facing flak here and now. With latest news trickling in that Gadaffi might after all retain power, even the brownie points Obama wanted to gain from US citizens seem to be flittering away...

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