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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A 3-D ‘Avatar’

“I’m king of the world!” These are the famous words by Leonardo di Caprio’s character Jack Dawson in the blockbuster epic Titanic. They were repeated by Director James Cameron on receiving the Oscar for the same. Now, after 12 years, the king is back with a new ‘Avatar’. And if the futurist director’s mesmerizing vision of creating the mother of all sci-fi 3-D movies comes through, it won’t just be a defining moment for world cinema but for cinema in India as well. 3 dimensional films, till date, have languished in the sidelines and have catered to a niche legion of sci-fi fans owing to lack of quality storylines. So, despite the number of 3-D screens in India being ramped upto 50 from 17 a few months ago just for Avatar, until and unless a regular stream of similar movies is produced having the kind of content to woo mass audiences, Avatar might end up a lone star on the distant horizon.

Anchal Gupta

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