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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Orkut’s facelift to save face…

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The social networking war in india is intensifying with Google finally breaking its lull over the declining popularity of its social networking site, Orkut and doing a major revamp of its features. Orkut has built upon Google’s core strengths and has added usage of You Tube videos within the Orkut environment without opening new pages, faster upload and download of Picasa pictures. Also, for the first time, G-talk is embedded into Orkut. Apart from the major new additions, other supplementary features like video chat and video testimonials, automatic face detection and varied colours and fonts for text have also been made available. At a time when the second wave of social networking has picked up in India with the explosive growth of Facebook and dedicated work place sites like Twitter and LinkedIn, the name that once became synonymous with the college youth of the country is today struggling to maintain that same growth of new users as in its first two-three years of operations in India. With arch rival Facebook bringing newer features like games, content sharing and publishing analytics, (which make users analyse how many time a link has been shared and the number of comments), et al, the war is set to continue for years to come. This move will prompt rivals in the market to scurry for further additions to their websites as the game is entirely about providing more and more user-friendly services within the architecture of the same website. If you see Facebook and Twitter soon arriving with a host of new features, don’t be amazed because as long as social networking and web technology will keep evolving, the war will continue.

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