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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Everybody’s wrong; US is ‘wrongest’!

The US must stop its tacit support of Israeli bombing for peace to exist
The fresh violence that has engulfed the Middle East is the nth start to a war that never ends. Israel’s continuing attack on Hizbollah targets in Lebanon after the banned outfit kidnapped two Israeli soldiers, has already killed over 270 people and displaced many more. In response, Hizbollah called for a fight to the finish.

No one really expected Israel to turn the other cheek. Neither can we look to the Hizbollah for reason. And with the US unofficially giving Israel another week (after the G8 summit) to blast Hizbollah, an early end to the conflict appears remote. The Israeli bombing began on July 12, with the deployment of a posse of Israeli helicopter gunships. Predictably, the US looked the other way. The US believes that the Hizbollah’s spine rests in Syria and wants Israel to end the role of Da- mascus. Israel’s massive use of force is not aimed at winning a popularity contest; and neither is the conduct of Palestine and Syria. The impasse is reflected in global fora like the G8, and the UN as well. The US takes one line, Russia the other. It suits everyone, barring those dying in the conflict. Worse, on July 16, mirroring an erstwhile statement of Iranian President, Ahmedinejad, Iran’s supreme religious head Ayatollah Khamenei said Israel is an “evil and cancerous being” and called for its destruction. These are not acceptable words.

But then, these are as unacceptable as is Israel’s current bombing spree, as is the democratically elected Hamas’ current anti-Israel unlettered balderdash, and as is the funding provided by Arab states. And the worst of them all is the United States, whose tacit support (in terms of funding, technology, weaponry, & worse, acceptance of bombing) proves its hypocritically selfish stance. For whatever, the US has to change... and now.

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Source :- IIPM Editorial, 2006, Editor - Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri

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