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Friday, April 14, 2006

About Aamir Hussain Khan : IIPM Press Release

On March 14, 1965, in the land reigned by the goddess Mumbadevi, into the house of the princes of the Indian picture palaces, Aamir Hussain Khan was born. Having a producer as dad and a director as an uncle led to the inevitable outcome a little eight year old Aamir tip-toed into the Indian cinema, in his uncle Nasir Hussain’s ‘Yaadon Ki Baraat’.
In the ensuing years, Aamir, foregoing his movie career, went on to devote his energy to tennis, going on to become the tennis champion for the state of Maharashtra. Twenty one year old Aamir’s life scripted his ‘pehlanasha’, a twist familiar to most fans of ‘Bollywood’. He fell in love with Reena, the girl next door…..

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Source :- IIPM Editorial, 2006


ravi said...

Global Plans

The Global Outreach Program is an integrated approach to taking IIPM to a world-class level, capable of competing successfully with the best. According to Siddharth Nambiar, Chair – global Outreach Program, the institute is using a phased approach:

Phase I involved the introduction of the highly innovative Global Opportunity and Threat Analysis Program as a compulsory paper at IIPM. Students are given an unique opportunity to visit various leading international organizations like World Bank, WHO, UN, and many more apart from management institutions and global corporates for a two week study trip to the European, American and Asian continents.

Phase II involved the introduction of another innovative concept – faculty members from around the world visits IIPM campuses in India to take classes and workshops. These faculty are the best in their chosen subjects and represent Ivy league institutes like Harvard, Kellogg, Columbia, Chicago, GSB, MIT and Yale apart from other leading European academic institutions of excellence like Cambridge and Oxford University.

In Phase III, as a part of the Global Outreach Program, IIPM entered into research and publications alliances with international academic partners. HR, Finance, Strategy and Marketing experts and faculty from around the world collaborate with faculty and researchers at IIPM on gathering and analyzing data on the latest trends and findings in the field of management. Recently, IIPM and Yale School of Management agreed to conduct a landmark joint research exercise: The Yale IIPM Stock Market Analysis report.

Phase IV was another ground-breaking approach by IIPM, whereby, it has now decided to expand beyond the national boundary and start up campuses in foreign lands. The first of its international campuses would be coming up in the British capital, London and in South East Asia’s hub, Singapore. To start with, it would offer a 2 year Full Time Post Graduate Program in Management.

The institute, in this regard has planned out an investment of 20 million US$ in the next two financial years. As a result of its expansion into London, the city would slowly be made into a hub for all of IIPM’s GOTA programs, which witnesses a flow of around 2500 students per annum. The entire trip for the students would be sponsored by the institute, which amounts to around Rs. 60,000 per head.

by sanjay said...

Free Laptops and Wi-Fi Connectivity

IIPM sponsors free laptops for all its students. The IBM laptops, loaded with Windows XP operating system, have all the latest standard software packages required by a student in his/her daily academic life.

Laptops not only enhance their general computing skills but will also help them to work on their projects, assignments or paper presentations with much ease. With this facility the students will no longer spend late hours in the institute’s computer dromes, instead, they can work in the comfort of their residence.

As an additional feature, all the nine IIPM campuses, spread across seven centres in the country, have been made wire-free with the installation of Wi-Fi devices. This will provide the students with an additional advantage of staying online for unlimited time, whenever they are in any of the campuses. IIPM provides all those facilities to its students that ensure the best academic environment for enriching their cause of pursuing academic excellence. This would help the students to gear up for global competition.

As an initial phase, over 1500 notebook PCs have been given out to the new batch of students for the academic session 2005-07 in all the centres. This is by far, the largest number of free laptops ever given out by an institute in India to its students in a single academic session making it one of the most infrastructurally superior institutes in the country.