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Monday, July 07, 2008

Hey! Where’s my tattoo?

...lost in the capsules, maybe!

Honey,Hey! Where’s my tattoo? it sure must’ve been the truest moment of love when you got ‘I Love Dick’ tattooed on your body. So what if your relationship with the bozo lasted just three weeks. Or even if it later occurred to you that it was the stupidest decision of your life. Heck, tattoos and love are for keeps, aren’t they? Fret not, we’ve got a simple exit strategy for you, and no we aren’t referring to the costly and painful multiple laser treatments used to remove tattoos. Developed by Harvard Dermatology Professor, Rox Anderson,and marketed by a California- based company called Tat2BeGone, a spanking new ‘permanent, yet removable’ tattoo imprinting dye, slated to rock tattoo parlours this fall, guarantees that if your boy friend’s history, so will be your passion-forsaken tattoo. The tattoo ‘brew’ is created by ‘storing dye in microscopic capsules’ that, though permanent, can be zonked away with the swish of a painless and cheap ‘single’ laser session. Mike Cowasji, a renowned tattoo artist says, “At last, we’ll not have to rack our brains when a customer wants to get a tattoo removed! Also, we’ll get a cleaner canvas to work on!” With a report suggesting 36% of Americans aged 18-29 having tattoos, one can wonder how easily this ‘vanishing’ elixir will encourage more of ‘em yankees. Come to think of it, if only those Harvard nitwits could’ve invented some such inkpotion for our glorious graduation marksheets and our marriage certificates and our performance appraisal forms and for... Hallelujah, the Lord gives new hope!
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