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Friday, August 31, 2007


The following points are the prime criterion for selecting, short-listing and ranking the winning ads in this section:
• Product positioning clarity
• Clinching benefit to the brand
• Presence of a power idea
• Visibility of brand personality
• Expectancy of communication
• Single-minded focus of message
• Reward to the prospect
• Visually arresting
• Painstaking craftsmanship Here’s the 4Ps B&M verdict for the fortnight ended May 22, 2007. First come the print ads, then the TVCs. Ready for a piece of action?

BRAND: Hutch
HEADLINE: “I’m standing at the 107th floor balcony, sipping chai”
BASELINE : Travelling abroad? Tell…………Hutch Home Calling Card.

4Ps TAKE : It’s Hutchsummer time, and everyone loves the idea of going on a summer holiday! But, how all of us crave to share the small moments that become stale by the time we are back. Now, Hutch’s Home Calling Cards is cashing in on this very sweet sentiment. The power idea is to lure both business as well as leisure travellers this season into buying Hutch’s recently launched calling card. The USP? This card works with any local phone in 95 countries. The visual is attractive with the Home Calling Card’s picture in black and pink and the white background stands out. The communication is smart and crisp. While the 107th floor denotes a foreign country, the feeling of sipping chai at the balcony is one which needs expression and that’s where these Calling Cards come in handy. The ad tries to draw an emotional connect as its body copy says: Travelling abroad? Tell everyone how it’s going to be with the Hutch Home Calling Card. So, the next time you plan a foreign trip, you know what connects you to home, don’t you?

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Source :
IIPM Editorial, 2007

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