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Thursday, April 19, 2007

It was 3G which broke many hearts... but will 4G prove different?


‘The science of today is the technology of tomorrow’, a cliché apt for the tech-savy world we live in. To add to it all, the merging of wireless world and telecommunication has taken ‘communication technology’ to higher highs at dizzying speeds. And just when we were getting accustomed to the term, loud announcements of the entry of 4G was made.

It’s no-brainer that planning for the next generation must be done while the previous phase is being implemented. And the generations differ from each other on various aspects – right from their primary focus and speed of data transfer, to the degree of mobility. The initial stages, particularly 2G became an instant hit because it revolutionised the way we communicated, making it ‘wirefree’, while focussing on the quality of voice transmission. Then an advanced generation (3G) caught on us, coupled with telecom operators heralding its entry with impressive promises of delivering various web-enabled services and multimedia features. But reality struck, hard... proving their ‘promises’ mere lies. Although the concept of 3G, which not only supported data and voice applications along with a GPRS (General Packet Radio System) platform was satisfying, it failed in terms of cost-eff ectiveness.

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IIPM Editorial, 2007

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