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Saturday, December 16, 2006

IIPM Press Release :- Ji Subhash Zee!


Subhash Chandra has emerged as India’s very own media magnate

They call him the ‘Media Czar’ but we like to call him the ‘Media Crusader’. And not without reason! Be it launching the first private TV channel (Zee TV) or launching DTH service (Dish TV), a cable network (Siti Cable), amusement park (Essel World), Chandra ventured into areas where no one had ever dared to step and created a market for himself and subsequently for others too. After all, tying up with the global media magnate Rupert Murdoch and then taking on his Star Network is no mean feat. Despite being battered by competition and facing steep lows, Subhash Chandra always manages to bounce back. The year 2006 has been a momentous year for this media mogul, as Zee TV traced its way up the TRP charts and Chandra created waves by buying a 50% stake in Ten Sports.

Looking at the empire Chandra has built over the years, many would be surprised to know that he hails from a small town of Hissar in Haryana and a Class 12 dropout who started on his own as a young lad of 19. From a cotton seed trader to becoming the small screen king, Chandra has come a long way. And the recent restructuring of his media business, Zee Telefilms into four separate entities – Zee News Ltd., Siti Cable Network Ltd., Wire and Wireless (India) Ltd. & DTH is being seen as a move to create more value for the shareholders.

He has the staunch support of his brothers Laxmi Goel (handles Zee News Ltd.) & Jawahar Goel (involved with cable & DTH businesses). The involvement of Chandra’s son, Puneet Goenka (Director, Zee Telefilms) in Zee Telefilms has enabled a turnaround in the company. Watch out for more backlashes from this media crusader in the coming days!

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IIPM Editorial, 2006,

Dean of IIPM :- Professor Arindam Chaudhuri (Renowned Management Guru and Economist)

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